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Age Range:


Optimal Sailor Weight Range:

46 – 73 kg
Weight range is the optimal and recommended for performing the required skills for this program.

Program Description:

The CANSail 2 program will focus on developing consistent execution of the fundamental skills introduced in CANSail 1.  Participants will develop their wind recognition skills, upwind sailing ability and will be introduced to the basics of racing.

This course is offered in four two-week sessions. Upon successful completion of the skills checklist, sailors will be awarded a certificate of achievement.

One week sessions are available upon request. Recommended minimum to attain CANSail certification is two weeks.


CANSail 1

Learning Outcomes CANSail 2:
Sailors will learn:
  • Trim sails accurately on all points of sail
  • Control a boats direction and balance through a tack or gybe
  • Tie a reef knot, figure 8, and bowline while rigging
  • Right a turtled boat and continue sailing
  • Accelerate and stop their boat

* Camp Closed Mon, July 3 Canada Day Holiday
** Camp Closed Mon, Aug 7 Simcoe Day Holiday

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